Baumit StarSystem

  • Excellent flexibility and impact resistance
  • Extremely weatherproof
  • Easy to apply
  • Mineral provides excellent fire resistance
  • Guaranteed security for generations



Product Name
Baumit StarSystem

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Facade cladding
Exterior finishes
Other insulation

Play safe:
With Baumit StarSystem EPS, you invest in a worry-free future. Not only do you save money every day on your heating costs, but you are also investing in security for generations to come. Baumit StarSystem EPS provides great flexibility as well as impact resistance and combines all Baumit’s experience as a pioneer in External Wall Insulation.

An investment in the future
The combination of a comfortable indoor climate and energy reduction techniques leads to an improved quality of life at home and at work. Baumit StarSystem EPS helps to increase the value of a building by offering excellent insulation together with an attractive building envelope.  


No chance for water and dirt:
Baumit NanoporTop is a self-cleaning and pollution resistant, ready-to-use render with a textured finish – 100 % biocide free and highly vapour permeable.

Flexible, elastic and impact resistant
Baumit StarContact white adhesive and reinforcing mortar easily exceeds the standard norms and regulations. This ensures that the facade remains attached 
to the brick/blockwork no matter what the temperature fluctuations, wind speeds or other environmental challenges may be.  As a reinforcing coat, the name says it all. It is elastic and flexible and so, over time, it stretches and flexes as required and offers good resistance to objects that impact the surface.

Superior quality
Baumit PremiumPrimer can be used with  all synthetic and mineral decorative finishes, for pretreatment of hard or non-absorbent mineral substrates as well as for the preparation of Colored substrates.

Free choice of insulation
The silver grey EPS facade insulation board, Baumit StarTherm  consists of expanded polystyrene. It is highly water permeable and has excellent insulating properties.

Baumit StarTop Self-cleaning topcoat render
Baumit PremiumPrimer Superior quality primer 
Baumit StarContact white Vapour permeable adhesive and  basecoat reinforcing mortar
Baumit StarTex High performance reinforcing mesh 
Baumit StarTherm 032 Silver grey EPS facade insulation board
Baumit StarTrack Unique supplementary anchor fixing

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