Proleveling System

by Progress Profiles SpA
  • Perfect laying
  • Transparency for maximum accuracy
  • No need of pliers and other tools



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Proleveling System
Progress Profiles SpA

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Structural floors

Durable and quality materials are essential to obtain perfect floors and wall coverings, but only a professional laying work and state-of-the-art systems could ensure flawless results in aesthetics and durability. At Cersaie 2018Progress Profiles, Italian leader in the sector of technical and decorative profiles and membranes for construction and interior design,proposes the new pierced and transparent version of Proleveling System, the revolutionary laying system. To get a quick and easy work, the transparency and the puncture of the rotating pomel capallow to keep under control the alignmentof tiles, guaranteeing maximum accuracy and great results.


The innovative Proleveling System is composed ofonly two practical and easy-to-use elementsand it does not require the use of pliers or other tools. A levelling base allows to separate and join ceramic or marble floors, natural stones or thin tiles, assuring a perfect flatness of the floor and/or of the wall covering avoiding lippages. Conformableto any material of medium and large size, levellers’ thickness varies from 1 to 5mm and they differentiate themselves based on grout lines and desired combinations: cross and linear levellers allow the realization of a linear pattern, whereas with the T and linear leveller it is possible to obtain a brick bond pattern. Moreover, the new blue color of the linear leveler simplifies its identification for a simpler and faster laying work. Proleveling System also includes a pomel cap in transparent polyethylene that, inserted in the centrally threaded stem of the levelling base, permits to regulate the pressureon the surface and to align tiles’ grout lines with precision, assuring a perfect fixing. At the end of the work, it is enough to press a bit or to kick the cap to remove it, which is the same for all heights and models and can be reused endless times.


Continuous technological research leads Progress Profiles to stand out in the creation of innovative solutions and systems that guarantee perfectly leveled floors and wall coverings.

Since more than 33 years, Progress Profiles has been paying attention to the qualityof each projections and production process, implementing constant controls on final products. This commitment is always accorded and was recently rewarded by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015: it certifies business processes continuously optimized in effectiveness and performance, based on quality management systems 100% guaranteed made in Italy.

Structural floors
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Structural floors

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