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All about Ceramic Tiles

Certainly one of the most hardwearing building materials for walls and floors, ceramic tiles are immensely popular because of their attractive style and spectacular presentation. Ceramic floor and wall tile solutions come in thousands of designs and colors. Easy installation and affordability are two other benefits that add to the ever increasing popularity of ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles are available in a wealth of sizes, styles, colors, and finishes. There is a ceramic tile for every possible setting. Ideally suited for kitchens and bathrooms, ceramic tiles can precisely replicate tarnished metals, weathered driftwood, Carrara marble, rustic brick and many other flooring options. 

Glazed ceramic tiles increase the potential resale value of a home or an apartment. Sand, glass or clay are used to make these tiles. Highly durable, ceramic tiles are completely environment-friendly and highly energy efficient as a flooring or wall material solution. Ceramic tile makes for an elegant floor and wall tile. In addition to being more than just a pretty face, these tiles offer natural resistance to stain, moisture, odors, dirt, and fire.

Ceramic floor tile is easy to maintain and can withstand heavy traffic without any negative impact. A sponge or damp mop and household cleaners are only needed to clean this tile. Glazed ceramic tile comes with a dense body that does not allow moisture accumulation. Because of its scratch resistant properties, ceramic tiles are widely used in places like kitchens and bathrooms.

Being hygienic and easy to clean, ceramic wall and floor tiles are recommended where high sanitary standards are necessary. When it comes to textures and finishes, options are unlimited. The correct decision needs to be taken while choosing ceramic tiles. A textured tile or matte finish is a good option for wet floor areas. Glossy finish can be selected for walls.

The look of ceramic tiles is as good as that of natural stones. Naturally attractive, ceramic tiles are one of the most flexible and adaptable flooring solutions available today.

Manufacturer Spotlight: Porcelanosa Grupo

As an industry leading manufacturer, Porcelanosa Grupo offers a wide variety of ceramic tile solutions with different finishes, textures, colors and designs. Exclusive products are available for different locations including external floor, external wall, façade, internal wall, external wall, shower wall and shower wall.

Porcelanosa Grupo ceramic tiles stand for values like innovation and quality. Renowned agencies such as Pricewaterhouse Coopers and the Financial Times have positioned this manufacturer as one of the most reliable and established companies on the international scene.

Porcelanosa Grupo ceramic tiles have a long life cycle, excellent adaptability and fine color performance. The costs associated with easy to maintain, moisture resistant and environment-friendly tiles form only a small part of the total project cost, but the advantages are countless and can achieve the look of natural store easily.

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