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Floor and wall heating (72)

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All About Underfloor and Wall Heating

Radiant Heating is a technology used for heating outdoor and indoor areas. It can be divided into three parts- underfloor heating systems, wall heating systems and radiant ceiling panels. Wall heating and underfloor heating are together known as low-temperature systems. In low-temperature systems, the distributed temperature is close to actual room temperature. They combine the traditional approaches of heating with the modern approaches. Here, air or liquid circulation systems are used to transfer heat throughout the house and can also be used for cooling the same. These also help in circulating healthier air in the house. The absence of radiators makes it safer for children to move around the house.   

Low-temperature systems offer many advantages to the consumers. These don’t use radiators for their operation. This makes it easily maintainable. These are easy to clean and repair. Low-temperature systems don’t reduce or increase the temperature to a great extent, but only around 3-4 degrees. This makes it healthier for the people in the house. It requires smaller fans and ductwork, which reduces the equipment cost to the consumers. These consume less energy than other heating systems. With low-temperature systems, consumers needn’t worry about children getting injured.    

There are two main types of floor heating – hot-water(wet)systems and electric(dry)systems. Like central heating systems, hot-water systems, as the name suggests, use warm water. Traditional electric systems use cables to generate heat. Modern electric systems, which are much thinner, are spread across the floor and linked to a power source.   

These systems require almost no maintenance as there is a lack of any moving part during its operation and wet systems have screed to protect it. There can be some issues with the system like- faulty thermostat, broken mat cable or faulty temperature sensor. Consumers can call an electrician if the fault is unknown. Most underfloor heating systems come with lifetime warranty. So if the fault is because of a manufacturing issue, it should be repaired free of cost. These last 15 years on an average and can last up to 30 years.

Underfloor heating systems are the perfect solutions for cold flooring materials. These can be effortlessly used to heat up any part of the house without disturbing the set furniture pattern. These give the consumers more breathing space and many guests may not notice their presence at all. They look good with any and every floor type.

Spotlight Company: SCHLÜTER-SYSTEMS KG

Founded originally in the year 1966 with the name SCHLÜTER Tiles, SCHLÜTER-SYSTEMS KG is located in Iserlohn, Germany and is an international leader in many products ranging from waterproofing, coupling, drainage and sound insulation, etc. It has a range of 10, 000 products divided into six categories being; Technology and Design with Profiles, Waterproofing, Uncoupling, Drainage and Sound Insulation, Balconies and Terraces, Covering Assemblies and Tile Underlayment. This company has seven subsidiaries and numerous offices around the world. It employs 1300 employees currently.