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Green roofs bring several benefits to building owners and the environment. In addition to offering environmental benefits, there are societal as well as economic advantages that can be achieved with green roof installation. Although similar functions can be associated with all green roofs, each installation has its own unique features. Several factors including roof type, climate and region also influence the performance of green roofs.

Due to quickly increasing population growth and urbanization, environmental quality is deteriorating at an alarming rate. Creating more green spaces is essential to maintain environmental quality. Green roofs allow people to replace gray surroundings with some lively green spaces and encourage biodiversity.   

In addition to functioning as an integral part of climate-proof construction, green roof systems provide a good rainwater buffer. Since green roofs absorb rainwater in an efficient way, rainwater discharge to sewage systems is delayed. This situation leads to ground water stabilization and thereby lessens the risk of flooding.

Building owners can enjoy many excellent benefits with respect to green roofs. Protecting roofing material from external influences such as temperature fluctuations, wind, sun and rain, they expand roof life by two to three times. A dead space can be easily converted to an aesthetically appealing garden space and furthermore, a healthy ambiance for occupants can be created. Naturally appealing, green roofs enhance biodiversity with grasses, herbs, sedums and several other plants

Green roofs add value a building in several ways. Sound absorbing features help to ensure a serene and inspiring environment. Also, by reducing the temperature on a roof, this type of roofing system enhances the efficiency of cooling systems and thus leads to lower energy bills. Additionally, a natural fire-resistant layer is created on a building with the help of moisture to offer high protection against fire.  

Modern green roof systems feature endless varieties of vegetated covers in different styles and designs. There are extensive, intensive and semi-intensive green roofs available today. Building owners can choose the most suitable type depending on their needs, preferences and budget. 

Manufacturer Spotlight: ZinCo GmbH 

ZinCo GmbH is a well known and committed manufacturer and supplier of green roofing systems with a successful track record spanning more than 38 years. Their expertise in green roof technology is unparalleled in that it combines innovation and excellence harmoniously.

Long lasting and lightweight ZinCo GmbH green roof solutions leverage highly sophisticated German engineered technology to emulate the natural beauty of nature and offer optimal environmental, aesthetic and functional benefits for building owners and communities. Moreover, ZinCo engineering delivers object specific solutions for their customers.

An important benefit of collaborating with ZinCo GmbH is their competent team of fabricators and design consultants who can offer best guidance and support from planning stages to right up to detailed solutions. ZinCo GmbH green roofs are well known for their energy efficiency, temperature control, rainwater buffer benefits, improved aesthetics, sound absorption properties and healing effects.


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