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The appearance and functionality of a kitchen are primarily dependent on two factors; namely layout and style. The kitchen is not just a place for cooking and cleaning. In fact; it is the heart of a home that must be kept highly functional. The right choice of products and materials makes for beautiful and functional kitchens.

Depending on the space available, the right kitchen layout needs to be selected. Kitchens come with different layouts. Proper awareness about different options makes selection an easy process. There are U-shaped, L-shaped, Galley, G-shaped, Single wall, Island, Butler’s pantries and several more kitchen types available.

Among all these options, the L-shaped kitchen layout is a very popular choice. Effectively utilizing the space available, this kitchen layout concept does not block off any specific area. U-shaped layout defines a beautiful kitchen space that integrates an island easily. As the name clearly suggests, it comprises of two walls that meet at a corner.

Although G-shaped kitchen has some similarity with U-shaped kitchen, it is a more practical option with an extra space known as peninsula that provides more storage and counter space. A galley kitchen layout is named after a ship’s galley. These types of kitchens are designed as a narrow but long corridor between two parallel benches.

Best suited for a small space, a single wall kitchen also called straight kitchen is designed along a single wall. An island kitchen layout accommodates a separate work surface in the middle part of the kitchen. Commonly utilized as a meals preparation area or cutlery storage area, a butler’s pantry refers to a small room separate from the main kitchen.

Kitchens also feature numerous styles, along with different design options. There are traditional, modern, minimalist, contemporary, provincial, outdoor, compact and custom style kitchens that can be selected. Depending on the material used, kitchens can be classified into wooden, laminate, and stainless steel kitchens as well.  


Manufacturer Spotlight : Leicht


Leicht has been a highly reliable and renowned manufacturer of innovative, durable and aesthetically pleasing kitchen products for the last 90 years. For developing kitchens products of substance, this manufacturer makes use of principles of ergonomics and functionality, sophisticated taste and creative excellence optimally. 

The ultimate commitment of Leicht is to develop exclusive kitchens that live up to the market orientations and expectations of their customers. Suiting individual personal vision, Leicht kitchens create spaces that provide happiness and joy for the family members, friends and guests. Cooking turns into an enjoyable and exciting process with Leicht kitchens.

Leicht kitchens are available in different layouts and design styles ranging from traditional style to modern style and handle-less kitchens. This manufacturer blends several components such as aesthetic quality, value, durability, proven materials, environmental friendliness and functionality harmoniously to create innovative, appealing and inspiring kitchens that transform the sensual perception of the whole living space.


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