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Office Storage units

Find products and manufacturers of office storage units. Request information, download catalogues and find reference projects. Filter on availability, material, characteristics, shape, style, features, installation and brands.

All About Office Storage Units

No one likes to be in a mess. A Storage unit is the solution to the consumer’s everyday storage related struggles. These units have a dedicated space for the different types of items consumers wants to store and come in various types with regard to shape and size. A storage unit efficiently stores various documents and enables anyone to retrieve these whenever they need. In an office environment, hard copies are generally very important so misplacing a single document may create havoc. This is where storage units are so important.

A storage unit provides numerous benefits in an office environment. These units allow us to store all similar types of documents in a single place. Most storage units also offer space for office stationery. These can be placed in any corner of the office as desired and come in various shapes, colours, build material and sizes. The consumer has the freedom to choose one that enhances the aesthetic value of the office. These can also be locked and only a few persons can have access to them. Some of these units are fireproof, which give the consumer an extra layer of protection.

There are many types of storage units available in the market. A consumer can choose the type that they find most convenient. The various types of storage units are – Filing Cabinets, Metallic Cupboards, Wooden Cupboards, Plain Chests, Mobile Storage and Computer Tables with storage space amongst others. These all have their specific advantages and disadvantages.

Storage cabinets have a long life and are mostly very durable irrespective of their type. Their maintenance cost is low and these mostly require minimal cleaning. Special considerations are required for the build material of the storage unit and the items that are stored in it. If the unit is metallic then it requires protection from rust. If it’s wood-based it needs to be protected from termites and other insects. A basic level of cleaning is enough to keep the unit in a healthy condition.

Storage units add a lot to an office’s aesthetic values. A storage unit can me made of steel, wood or plastic. Other materials are usually refrained from being used to build a storage unit.

Spotlight Company: Actiu

Actiu was founded 1968 by Vicente Berbegal and specializes in creating office furniture. The brand name ACTIU was coined in the year 1995. It is located in Alicante region, La Foia de Castalla and is spread over 84 countries worldwide. They also have technology park named Actiu Technology Park, which was inaugurated in the year 2008 and its design is based on sustainability and the need for self-sufficiency.

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