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Office workstations are also sometimes termed as cubicles. A cubicle is an enclosed workspace in an office where there will be partitions of 5-6 feet in height. Office workstations are designed to provide an isolated space for workers. Workstations should provide employees with necessary requirements like a drawer, pedestal, keyboard tray, mouse pad, white board, etc. Workstations should have power sockets too to connect a computer or charge a mobile phone or other professional devices as and when required. These cubicles often even have desk phones for easy communication within anoffices. Usually offices have fluorescent lights so extra lighting may not be provided in these cubicles.

Cubicles or workstations have various benefits. They provide employees privacy, which is very important. Most office employees require some degree of privacy in order to focus on their job.  Workstations should look good and give a professional look. There are different types of partitions between the employees and the various partition styles have their own benefits. White board partitions are used to write down important notes while cushion partitions may give the option of pinning notes against a board.

There are different types of workstations available in the market for various office purposes. Office workstations are designed in different sizes and shapes. Usually there are workstations which have complete partitions and then there are some other workstations where the partition is made using a glass screen. In terms of shape, workstations can be linear, non- linear, L or U shaped.   

Most workstations are made of low maintenance materials that are easy to clean with a damp cloth or otherwise. Glass partitions are an exception in that they must be cleaned with a glass cleaner on a regular basis.

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