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All About Bath Tubs

A feature element in any bathroom, bathtubs are typically made with porcelain enameled steel, fiberglass reinforced plastic, porcelain enameled cast iron, or thermoformed acrylic. Bathtubs can be divided into broadly two types- a western bathtub, where a person lies down and eastern bathtubs, where a person should just sit. Eastern bathtubs can be found most often in Japan, these are a little deeper and smaller in size.

A beautiful bath tub will refresh you and help you in relaxing from the stress. There are many health benefits associated with bathing in a bath tub. Soaking in hot water for some time will make the heart beat faster and this will act as a work out for heart. A study conducted in 2002 found that a warm bath at the end of the day boosts brain cells and uplifts the mood too. If a person is suffering from muscle pain, then soaking in warm water will ease the pain.

There are various types of bath tubs available on the market. Free standing bath tubs, alcove bath tubs, corner bath tubs, and drop In bath tub are some of the types of bath tubs available. Corner bath tubs are perfect homes where there is less space, whereas free standing bath tubs can be placed anywhere according to the requirement of the customer. Alcove bath tubs are a built-in bath tub where one end of the bath tub is fixed to a wall whereas a special frame is constructed for the drop in bath tubs to match the interior of the bathroom.

Bathtubs must be maintained with care. They require regular cleaning and it is better to use natural agents to clean bathtubs rather than using agents filled with chemicals. Wax polishing is necessary so ensure the bathtub looks smooth and shiny. Waxing will also help in sealing small cracks present on the tub. Bathtubs are generally installed in areas with tiles. It is important for consumers to call a plumber immediately if they find any cracks or grouts in the bathtub. It is important to check the bathtubs annually so that if there is any damage, it can be sealed right away.

Manufacturer Spotlight : Villeroy & Boch

Villeroy & Boch is one of the world’s most famous ceramic suppliers. The company started in the year of 1748 in Lorraine and has been successfully running since then. The company was founded by a father and his three sons. With its headquarters located in Mettlach, Germany. Their manufactured tableware, bathroom ware and wellness ceramics are famous around the world. The company is highly innovative and all the products that are manufactured by the company are state of art pieces. From small tea cups to bathtubs, each and every product is crafted with care.