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All about Washbasins


Washbasins are essential sanitary appliances in homes, offices and other types of commercial buildings. The functional benefits of a washbasin are what make it an inevitable choice. Moreover, washbasins can be found in beautiful and elegant styles and designs to enhance the aesthetics of a space.   

There are many different types of washbasins available today ranging from traditional basins to stylish wall hung washbasins. The variety available is amazing and several classifications can be made in terms of material, shape, use, installation, style and features. It is easy to find a washbasin to suit any style or budget.

A stylish, practical and affordable washbasin is what most people are searching for. A smart purchase decision can be taken if there is proper awareness about color, style and size of the space where washbasin needs to be installed. Highly durable, modern washbasins can be maintained with minimal effort.

A vital aspect of these types of washbasins is that they can be installed anywhere including console, countertop and wall. There are also freestanding, half-pedestal, full-pedestal; under-mount, inset and semi-inset options that can be purchased.

Washbasins are available in different shapes to complement the size and look of a space. There are rectangular, square, rounded and oval shaped basins available nowadays. Conventional curved basins match any space without consuming a lot of space. Rectangular washbasins easily fit flat against a wall. Square or round-shaped basins can be installed on a wall with minimal effort. These types of washbasins can also be placed on a pedestal or drawer unit.       

A variety of materials are utilized to make washbasins including ceramic, composite, acrylic, stainless steel and synthetic. Each material has its own unique charm and visual appeal. Washbasins are incredibly versatile in terms of the different looks and styles that can be achieved. In addition to the classic and contemporary styles, washbasins are available in different sizes as well.      

Washbasins come with numerous features that meet different purposes. There are basins integrated with countertops, lights, drawers and towel racks. An emerging type of basin is wall hung washbasin. As the name suggests, it is fixed onto the wall directly. Offering a minimalist and spacious look, wall hung basins bring a touch of elegance to any space. Another popular choice available today is under countertop washbasin that offers a solid profile with a smooth surface.

Modern washbasin concepts combine utilitarian benefits with flexibility and style to offer real value for money. Affordable luxury is a unique feature that can be linked with the modern basin concepts. In addition to offering ease of cleaning and maintenance, washbasins offer flexibility and versatility in terms of look as well as performance. These products also overcome space constraints with admirable efficiency.


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