Solid wood flooring


All about solid wood flooring

A solid wood floor is the most popular choice in the category of wood flooring despite the extra care needed to install it. A solid wood floor is capable of bringing the perfect appeal to any place. Wood flooring is directly cut from the tree and the wood plank is then processed into the floor planks. With this flooring, one can either opt for a pre-finished floor or completely unfinished floor.

These options are provided so that a customer can achieve the most desirable look. Solid wood floors show the tracks of different weather conditions. In winters, wood floors contract. In the summer, they start expanding into the gaps that were made because of the contraction. During installation it is required to leave the proper amount of expansion gap. Only then can wood decking sustain various different weather conditions.

Solid wood floors lend a perfectly natural look. These floors have not gone through very much processing and as such the natural looks remain intact. Wood floors are a suitable option for heavy foot traffic as they are not prone to damage. No harmful chemicals are used while manufacturing these wood floors and therefore they are safe to use in a places where children are present. With little maintenance, a wood floor can last for many consecutive years. These floors do not retain excessive dust particles or allergic substances.  Furthermore, installing these floors is relatively easy.

There are three popular types of solid wood floors that are available in the market. Strip flooring has a fixed width, plank flooring by contrast may vary in width and there are two fixed dimensions for thickness. Parquet flooring is capable of giving an entirely different look than a normal wooden floor.

A very light vacuum must be used while cleaning these floors. Although one can follow normal cleaning methods to clean wood flooring, it is advisable to use specific cleaners designed for cleaning wood floors in order to make these floors last longer. Also, if possible, wood floors should be kept dry because the presence of water may have some undesirable effects on it. Furthermore, it is advisable to avoid dragging furniture across the floor surface as this will leave behind marks and scratches that are difficult to remove. With these useful maintenance tips, a solid wood floor can look beautiful for many years in a row.

To add natural beauty to any setting, solid wood flooring is an all-around excellent choice.