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Steam rooms

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All about Steam Rooms


A steam room is fundamentally an enclosed space or room where steam is pumped to offer a cleansing, relaxing and therapeutic effect on body and mind. In order to provide holistic rejuvenation, steam of high humidity and temperature is pumped into a steam room. For ensuring the safety of the user and optimize the effects of sweat bath, temperature in a heat room is always kept under 45° Celsius (113° Fahrenheit).

The ‘Sweat Bath’ has a rich tradition of history that dates back to several thousand years. In order to experience spiritual, mental and physical cleansing, many people belonging to different cultures have been practicing sweat bath for several centuries. Steam rooms can be found in homes as well as hotels, spas, gyms, and other public steam bath centers.    

There are many different types of steam rooms available nowadays. Most common types includean aroma room, Turkish bath or Hammam, Balinese steam room, Japanese salt steam room, caldarium, sweat lodge and mud steam bath room. Steam baths are also performed in several different ways including Turkish bath, Egyptian bath, Roman bath and Russian banya.

Steam rooms offer a safe and effective way to revitalize mind and body. Many people have been making use of these types of rooms for relaxation and to relieve certain medical conditions. Improving circulation in a human body, steam rooms transport oxygen to every part of the body, which in turn strengthen the cardiovascular system effectively.

Another benefit that modern steam rooms offer is improved skin health. The sweating process due to consistent heating in a steam room opens up skin pores and cleanses the outer skin effectively. In addition to eliminating dirt and dead skin, warm condensation removes toxins trapped below the skin. Workout sessions often create sore muscles in a person’s body. Offering muscle relaxation, steam rooms promote fast and healthy recovery after a workout session.

Other prominent benefits of a steam room are loosened stiff joints, stress reduction, enhanced lung health and reasonable weight loss. All these benefits translate to enhanced health and overall well being of the users.

There are many different highly innovative and advanced steam rooms available today. Some of the most sophisticated heat rooms combine various healing procedures including steam bath, color therapy, aromatherapy, cold mist therapy and tropical rain therapy to deliver different sensory experiences for users.

A steam bath relaxes mind and tones body while color or chromo therapy works on different energy points to deliver mental, physical, spiritual and emotional healing. Aromatherapy is extremely good at reducing stress and anxiety and inducing sound sleep. Music therapy enlightens mind and body and cold mist therapy sprays atomized herb-flavored water to remove tension and relax the mind. Last but not the least; tropical rain therapy offers a rejuvenating effect on mind and body as well.


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No matter whether you are a homeowner, contractor, architect, engineer or interior designer, you can make use of our product selector to find the right steam room solution that fulfills your unique project objectives. Please feel free to have a detailed discussion about our customized steam rooms that can be incorporated into your next project.