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All about Vases


A vase is an open container which can be made from number of materials such as ceramics, glass, wood or non-rusting materials as aluminum, brass, bronze, steel etc. Vases are used often for displaying cut flowers and are also often used as decorative items in a room. Vases can have many different shape and are a beautiful and functional way to enhance both home and professional environment.


Vases can be incorporated in a stylish way for decorative purpose. For the best look, fill the vase with fresh botanicals for organic appeal. Vases can be used on spare surfaces for a decorative boost and add personality to side tables, accent tables and bookshelves. For a contemporary rustic feel, handcrafted vases can be used. For more glamorous designs, shiny metals such as silver, gold or brass vases can be used.


There are various styles and types of vases available on market which are made of different materials, shapes and colours. Ranging from glass to ceramic to metal; every type reflects a unique design. Thus, a selection can be made from floor or table vases that enhance the charm of the place. Everyone wants to make their house look beautiful. A vase with colorful flowers is one of the easiest ways to enhance the look of a home.  


Regular cleaning is important to make a vase shine. To remove dirt or stains, soak it in soapy water and use a brush to scrub the inside. For glass vases, apply baking soda around the base. Add some vinegar and let the two mix quickly. Wash with a brush and rinse. However, for wood vases a dry cloth should be used for wiping. Also, try to keep vases away from sunlight as this can cause fading.


Home decoration is essential to create a warm and appealing environment. With vases, decoration can be done with variety of vase designs by adding flowers and plants. Vase material, color, and shape are other considerations.  Coordinating with these factors with a room design can help to select the best vase for you.   


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