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Wooden windows (68)

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All about Wooden Windows

Choice of materials for your windows and doors is one of the pivotal conundrums people face -  especially during house remodeling. Despite the popularity aluminum and other alternatives have gained recently; wood is still the prominent choice considering the benefits it bestows. A house with ample windows enhances cross ventilation and seldom looks gloomy. Initially, when the first window was put into place, the sole purpose was to trap the warmth and allow natural light to pass through. However, as wood frames came into the picture, windows, in fact, turned into a canvas for artists onto which exquisite carvings were etched.

Aesthetics are not the single reason wood windows are favoured by a majority of the house owners. Besides a classy look, wooden windows possess numerous qualities which uplift the overall features of the house. Being a natural insulator, wood performs better than any of the alternatives available in the market today but also curbs additional insulation charges in the long run. Hence, for a house with a good number of windows and patio doors, wooden frames are an informed choice.

There is yet another reason why wooden windows are appreciated. Quality wood is long-lasting. It neither rusts nor deteriorates even in high temperatures. Amongst the wide array of window frames available, wood frames outperform many other options when it comes to being energy efficient. It is significant to install energy efficient windows while constructing or remodeling the house as windows account for 25 to 30 percent of the residential as well as commercial energy consumption.

One of the most popular wood windows is the double hung window, which comes with seamless contemporary design and supreme window performance.  These window types allow both upper and lower ventilation as these feature sashes vertically slide across each other. In addition to double hung windows, another genre of the wood frame comes in double door design. These wooden frames are appropriate for big windows as well as patio doors. Ease of operation makes these a suitable choice for domestic settings.

Wooden windows require periodic maintenance to retain their unparalleled aesthetics and durability. The exposed skin of the timber has to be encapsulated using a coating or treatment. The choice of treatment should be in accordance with the climate of the region. Caulking is another method to soothe open cracks and fix wooden window’s deterioration. If treated with appropriate care, windows continue to appear new for years.  

Wooden windows have always contributed to great architectural design. Wood as a natural tissue continues to remain the supreme fascination of architects, builders and craftsmen. Any setting could be uplifted with the addition of wooden windows. Whether it is the beauty of expansive wooden windows or the elegance of modern smaller windows, options are endless.

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