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225 house

225 house

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225 House

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Located in a private subdivision of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Guadalajara, the project is conceived through the intention of creating a small interior natural space within this site, that is reason the entire project is oriented towards the central part, where large glass walls focus their sights towards a water mirror that is located in this area, which is accompanied by a steel division in its central part, that contains inside a tree of black olive species with more 6 m high, It means that this natural element can be perceived almost from any point in the house.


The architectural program is divided into three floors:

A basement with garage for 2 cars, a small multipurpose warehouse and a distributor that connects directly to the central part of the project. The entire social area of ​​the house is located on the ground floor, with large clearings and almost no solid elements, which allows the visual free both the central water mirror and a semi-covered terrace at the rear.


A staircase with wooden floating steps is the connection between the ground floor and the upper floor, which consists of a TV room in its central part that serves as a distributor to the rooms and other private areas of the house.


Finally, another set of floating steps, generate an access to a small terrace in the part of the roof, which due to its height manages to open a panoramic view of the surrounding mountain.

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Saint Petersburg, Russia - Build completed in 2021
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