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Project • By Etik MimarlikPrivate Houses

İnci House - Narlıdere - İzmir Mimarlık Ofisi

· NARLIDERE / IZMIR ·Located in the Sahilevleri neighborhood, the structure planned as a twin villa; It is aimed to spend fun, rest and pleasant moments with the family. A country style design concept has been created with its large garden and pools. In İnci House, this concept stands out with its hall, which covers almost the entire ground floor, connects to the outside not only from the front of the house but also from the sides, integrating the interior and exterior. Thus, it offers a unique experience that encourages socialization among the residents of the house. Caption Caption More

Project • By DCM Architecture & EngineeringPrivate Houses

Shore House

Many summer homes in Ocean City, New Jersey, were badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2013. One couple tried fixing theirs up, but later opted to buy a plot of land next door and build a new one. Edgar de la Cova Abós http://www.redsofastudio.com/ Edgar de la Cova Abós http://www.redsofastudio.com/ We were asked to develop the architecture and engineering design, as well as sustainability consulting. The interior design was performed in conjunction with the interior design studio J9 Design. Edgar de la Cova Abós http://www.redsofastudio.com/ Edgar de la Cova Abós http://www.redsofastudio.com/ The house has an orthogonal floor plan and is comprised of three volumes, each of which is rotated w... More

Project • By IPA Architecture and moreNurseries


As architects, we believe that architecture should enhance education and develop in children a sense of aesthetic appreciation for the environment. BRITANICA Park School aims to promote tradition while building on it with modern education principles. It is located in the suburbs of Vitosha Mountain and caters to children from 2.5 years old (kindergarten) to 18 years old (school). Todor Todorov This project aims to design architecture that facilitates healthy living & learning. Socialization and communication, enriching social and behavioral habits are integrated in the concept.  Classical and modern ideas guide the building's exterior design. Ultimately, the form implies a connection to Great Britain's culture - tradition a... More

Project • By IPA Architecture and moreResidential Landscape

GORA – Green Office and Residential Area

GORA (meaning FOREST in Bulgarian) stands for Green Residential and Office Area complex. The concept is about creating a sustainable and inspiring city environment where people can work and live close to nature.  Located on the slopes of the Vitosha mountain, near the city center, it offers a mix of high-tech business environment and multi-family residential areas. It consists of 4 apartment buildings and 1 office building.  Todor Todorov Todor Todorov GORA like no other. Contrary to urbanized and overdeveloped cities, the project offers the opportunity to breathe in and experience nature in the city. Every element in the complex is designed to function in symbiosis with the others as a single organism like a small real... More

Project • By Anna Maria Sokolowska Interior DesignPrivate Houses


The project consisted of the conversion of an existing farm building dating from 1940. The farm building with a living room was located on a plot surrounded by greenery and old fruit trees in Rumia, in the Szmelta district, which is a remnant of a former village.The current form of the building and the finishing of the façade with black tan board is a reference to the old wooden barns, of which there are still several preserved in the area. Respect for the history of the site initiated analysis, collecting photographs and archive maps of the area in order to create a building that would be a link between the tradition and the present day. https://www.fotomohito.eu/ Once you have a clear outline into which you fit new functions... More

Project • By kaviar:collaborativeApartments

Colour Me Happy

Re-envisaging a drab, stock builder apartment as a colourful abode of solace in the heart of Bombay. Through its design, Colour Me Happy is an attempt to encapsulate the emotion of cheer within the confines of a home. The 1,222 sq.ft. apartment reeks of colour - at times with a sense of subtlety but mostly in a bold manner. Prints, patterns, textures, pipes, art and artefacts come together to amplify the space as an extension of the client’s personality. Ishita Sitwala Often, architects tend to seek cues and visual guides from the site and context. The code approved red fire-fighting pipe, though functionally an important safety feature, is usually regarded as an eyesore and finds itself hidden away from plain sight. The three p... More



The house is located in a residential area in the interior of the province of Valencia, next to a high quality natural environment, reinforced by the presence of the Golf Course that borders the plot.  The entire programme of uses is developed on the ground floor, organised into three independent volumes, clearly visible from the outside. The Studio, with excellent views of the Golf Course, is the only room that rises to the first floor.  Adrián Mora Maroto The three main volumes are subtly raised from the plane of the landscaped ground, improving the long views, giving greater privacy and increasing the possibilities of ventilation. The three pieces have different heights, responding to the needs of the interior pro... More

Project • By Localic StudioHousing

AN HOUSE - Serpong

A house for young married couple located in tangerang, indonesia.with a land area of ​​120 sqm processed in such a way to accommodate client needs. Caption the concept is to use a double ceiling to maximize the integration of outdoor and indoor spaces. Thus the room feels more spacious because the outer and inner spaces are well integrated.   The choice of material in the interior space uses a lot of concrete and white to give a clean impression in the room, besides that it makes the room feel more spacious. On the other hand, the choice of material for the exterior is predominantly dark in color to reduce the height of the building, so that it is not too conspicuous around the site. Caption       More

Project • By kalbod design studioRestaurants

the green growth restaurant

Iceland and a fascinating and delicious experience in the warm embrace of the greenhouse! Caption Icelandic restaurant-greenhouse is a multifunctional space that can accompany the audience with the process of agricultural production while serving as an international restaurant. Caption The main idea of creating restaurant-greenhouse spaces was to open up and make available the inherent potential of the land for agriculture. Caption This opening to the light and being sheltered from the heat of the soil by providing the performance of greenhouses and also a view of the natural attractions of the region, provides the main goals of the competition. Caption More



NIKI-H by Takashi Seisho and Kazunori WakaiA small house designed for wine-making settlers in Hokkaido. The client is starting up a winery and requested a house with minimal essentials to live with his partner. The freezing depth of the ground is 60 cm, which becomes the requirement to obtain anti-freeze properties. Making the most of it, the structure was created simply by installing a roof over the RC foundation deeply rooted underground.    Caption Structural calculations dictate the roof slope of a 60-degree-angle to withstand the snow load. Applying this curve, the gable roof produced an equilateral triangle on the gable façade. Caption The geometry of the triangular prism stands out be a distinctive volum... More

Project • By Ákaran ArchitectsOffices

Zomorrod 11: Bricks on The Move

A stack of four cubes, Zomorrod 11 stands firmly at the heart of a traffic junction in Tehran. The design has incorporated the use of geometric brick pattern modules following a strategy by which the exterior façade of the building stretches inside and forms many elements of the interior; from the lowest parking level at -5 through to the top. Parham Taghioff The one-way street it overlooks on the south elevation connects two of Tehran's main north-south arteries, therefore the nature of the site's impact on the passer-by is affected by speed and haste. The Architecture has aimed for the drivers and pedestrians to pause, even in passing, and perhaps reminisce through a modern structure with ties to the culture's past. In line w... More

Project • By GUILLEM CARRERA arquitectePrivate Houses


Santes Creus is the capital of the municipality of Aiguamúrcia. It is located on the left bank of the Gaià river, around the Real Monestir de Santa Maria de Santes Creus, one of the jewels of 12th century Cistercian art in Catalonia. Created in 1843 in the old monastery buildings, the town includes places of interest related to the monastic building such as the stone bridge, the Gothic cross, the small Baroque church of Santa Llúcia and the old modernist cooperative winery. Following the main street, which leads to the monastery, on the detour from where the Aiguamúrcia road leaves, there is the well-known Alameda de Santes Creus, unique as a riverside forest in all of Catalonia, declared a space of natural inter... More

Project • By Phidias IndonesiaPrivate Houses

Twisted Detached House

Architect Firm : Phidias Indonesia Architect : Harfansyah Azhar Area : 200 m2 Year : 2021 Location : Bintaro, South Tangerang, Indonesia Photographer : Andreaswidi IG Profile : @mharfansyah Andreaswidi Andreaswidi Situated on a corner site, this house has two facades with one additional facade facing the corner. In general, this house provides a variation of spatial experiences that well interpreted both in the plans and in the built form.  Andreaswidi Andreaswidi In the plans, the first floor plan consists of living room, dining room, one bedroom and compact inner court to maintain the natural light penetrates into the house. The second floor plan, which is crossing above them, has three more bedrooms and t... More

Project • By Ramses Pech ArchitectHousing


The house was in abandonment for a period of more than ten years for which it presented great damages over time such as humidity, structural damage and materials in poor condition, so it was decided to divide the house into two floors generating two independent apartments . The concept of the house seeks to give a new life to the house through open spaces where lighting and air circulation are improved in the same way to generate a private area for the user where they can from having breakfast to inviting clients to their professional life in a unique and attractive space for them and the people who come to visit them. In the same way, it was sought that in the interiors that spatiality that was outside was maintained, transporting it to... More

Project • By Baxter Green ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Country House Wiltshire

Location ·         Wiltshire Project Particulars ·         Listed Park land ·         Completed in 2021 ·         utilise the remaining buildings with a substantial new three storey stone building ·         stone cantilevered staircase and vaulted ceiling to the corridor https://baxtergreen.co.uk/pf/contemporary-country-house-architecture-salisbury More