A pavilion house

A pavilion house

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A pavilion house is planned in the small town of Metlika, located in south-eastern Slovenia.

ARHEIN as Architects

The house is intended for a 4-member family and extends to 240 m2 of usable area.

In addition to the house, there is also a smaller building with a boiler room and two parking lots. The house is composed of two connected cubes with pitched roofs. In the bigger part there are living, sleeping and technical rooms, and in a smaller part (pavilion) is an additional living area which is intended for socializing and recreation. The ground floor spaces are designed for living: kitchen, dining room, living room, and smaller auxiliary spaces and social space. The ground floor is connected with the attic with the inner courtyard staircase. Sleeping areas with a bathroom are provided in the attic.

The owners are recreational climbers, so they wanted a climbing wall in the pavilion. They also wanted to have a large living space and outside space for socializing, gardening and recreation. The most important thing for them was the function of the house and the next thing was clean and contemporary exterior. We combined metal, wood, glass, white coated facade and clean lines to achieve contemporary design.

The house is constructed with brick, reinforced concrete and has a wooden roof structure with aluminum composite panel roof.The outer walls of the house are constructed from a 30 cm thick brick block and 20 cm - inner walls. The walls are connected with the necessary reinforced concrete horizontal and vertical bindings.

The façade is designed as a ventilated façade system, the final layers will intertwine with each other. The final layers will be aluminum composite panels, coated facade plaster and wooden lamellas (Siberian larch). The façade will be adequately thermally insulated. The gutters are hidden behind the composite panels. Large windows are placed on south-western part of the house and smaller one of the other side of the house. Attic is illuminated with extra roof windows.

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