A room of spaces

A room of spaces

miliunarquitectura | Carles Marcos
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José Hevia

A room of spaces

miliunarquitectura | Carles Marcos as Architects


Although it consists on a partial refurbish of an apartment, we realized that our work should aspire to transform the spatial experience of the original housing.



The original apartment had a common distribution: four small rooms, a compressed living room, a narrow kitchen with no space for a table and a complete disconnection between spaces. It is oriented to the South and located on the seventh floor of a building with excellent views over the city of Terrassa.


Although the assignment consisted mainly in expanding the kitchen and renovating the bathrooms, we realized that our work should also aim to transform the spatial experience inside the original home. In this way, we work with three objectives: to improve the quality of life on the apartment, to bring natural lightinto those spaces that had always been dark (the hall, the corridor and the main bathroom) and finally to revalue the vision from the inside over the city.


It was necessary that the intervention be measured and selective. We propose to renounce a small and underutilized room to gain amplitude in the collective spaces of the house. An opportunity to reconsider the common spaces of the family.


We designed a wide common space that contains small places inside. The result is a big room made of spaces, defined by a continuous and uniform perimeter. A backdrop of wardrobes of different thicknesses that have the capacity to delimit multiple domestic uses: cooking, eating, living, receiving, storing; all of them oriented to the panoramic views that were always there.


Material Used :

1. Kitchen space - Neolith

2. Lamps - Foscarini - Aplomb Large

3. Lamps - Linealight - tour pl

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ElementBrandProduct link
Kitchen spaceNEOLITH by TheSizeCalacatta
Lamps - Tour plLinea Light Group
Product Spec Sheet
Kitchen space
Lamps - Tour pl
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