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Tagir Fattori Arquitetura as Architects

Located in Caxias do Sul, the building occupies a wide corner, due to the pre-condition of large roads, making them very wide and of great flow. Low-rise and small-scale buildings occupy the surroundings. In this scenario, the building becomes a protagonist, being the focal point for people and vehicles which pass by. The commercial building has seven floors: parking basement, three ground floor shops with mezzanine, three floors with four commercial offices each and technical space. The smaller scale of the building (the total constructed area is about 2,000 m²) and the insertion in a corner allowed us to "sculpt" the primary prism and transform it.


The small building is hierarchized on the ground floor with shops protected by a marquee that projects itself three meters towards the street. The mezzanine is between the marquee and the first typical floor, this first typical floor protects it as if the pavement recedes in relation to the main volume. In order for the building to create a transition between its neighbours, vertical volumes have been created that serve as the bulkheads for future buildings that can be installed there, so the building can be loose, free of adjustments from the rhythm of the surroundings.


In the typical floor, the subtractions and additions create a "come and go" of volumes, identifying the office rooms. The intention was to create distinct visuals with the facade that becomes dynamic. The composition based on "boxes" that leap from the body of the building like observatories, create movement and tension. The materials used to highlight the independent blocks, while on the ground floor at the level of the walk we have black granite in the pillars between retail stores and grey aluminium in the marquee, in the body of the building we have the walls of masonry plastered and painted with closure with glazing. The porcelain ceramic coating marks the division between units.

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