Almanatura's Offices

Almanatura's Offices

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Arroyomolinos de León, Spain
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Carlos Gómez Sos

Almanatura's Offices

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For over 20 years Almanatura has been working to provide the inhabitants of small villages with the right tools against depopulation. Its headquarters, in Arroyomolinos de León, consisted of an office in an upper floor over a garage full of memories. Lacking enough space, their managers understood that the time had come for the functional expansion and aesthetic renovation of the office.


The intervention optimizes the use of the ground floor -the former garage-, proposing flexible and adaptive solutions that respond to a very demanding program of uses. This is the area of ​natural expansion of the office, it will be here where the new employees are installed. This fulfills the socializing aspirations that connect the space with the neighbors of Arroyomollinos, a main objective of the reform and crucial step for the internal cohesion of the team. The wide diversity of uses demanded the continuity of the diaphanous spatiality of the former garage. Only mobile elements are used, such as artisan blinds, to create a subtle distinction of areas.


On the upper floor the strategy is more restrained, focusing the bulk of the intervention in the central room. Instead of proposing a re-reading of the current work organization scheme, we understood that the former distribution responded to very consolidated habits, and that the function of the design was to improve its conditions. The main task here was to recognize the inertia of the place and integrate it into an improved scheme in a comprehensive and inclusive way. Thus the central room is reinforced as the radiant -luminic and strategic core of the team. The side rooms are open to this space through translucid pivoting doors and panels.


The will to achieve clarity in all orders of the intervention is manifest. This is not only expressed in the simple distribution, but also in the choice of materials, color ranges, as well as in the improvement of natural lighting.


The latter, together with the complete installation of heating using biomass stoves, will help reduce the consumption of primary energy and global warming emissions. The sustainability of the proposal is evident as well in the use of organic materials or their derivatives (linoleum, wood, OSB ...) or in the choice of local artisans for furniture and paneling.

Material Used:

1. OSB Panelling

2. Linoleum Floors

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