Theza Architects
Sosnowiec, Poland
Project Year
Ludwik Kaizerbrecht
Product Spec Sheet
RoleBrandsProducts Used
Floor tiles – Treverk series,Stonehenge seriesMarazzi
Washroom Brick finishes – Tytan N seriesCRH Clay Solutions
Tiles supplierDomHit
Industrial glass partition walls – Lamberts LinitStefania


Theza Architects as Architects

A_loft is a transformation project, changing a single floor office into a two level Loft.

The existing office space had very few windows - providing poor sunlight conditions for housing purposes. Fortunately, top floor location and possibility of extension provides conditions to solving the lack of sunlight.

Introducing the Void Cube - double floor height, open space allows sunlight access to the inner part of the first floor. This open space has been organized as a living room with an open kitchen. In addition, the first floor covers: two bedrooms, main bathroom and back of house facilities. The second floor has been set for master bedroom with hidden washroom and a roof terrace.

The floor-to-floor access is via a cantilevered concrete staircase. The stairs appear to be suspended - they do not connect with top or bottom slabs. The use of materials such as concrete, industrial glass panels or OSB (oriented strand board) refer to the industrial location of the apartment.

Black clinker bricks have been used to form a 3D textured wall of the main bathroom. Color, texture and shadows created by the wall correspond with coal – extracted in the local mine industry.

Kitchen design follows a simple geometry idea. OSB boards finished in gloss black were chosen for the front material in high wardrobes and the kitchen island. The kitchen island has been equipped with gray technical cases for drawers.

Additional indirect illumination is provided to the top floor washroom by C shape industrial glass panels.

In contrast to the raw industrial materials, high end finishes such as triangular, crystal mirrors or wooden tiles have been introduced.

Second floor, hidden washroom - accessible throughout the master bedroom wardrobe, has been glazed on both sides with triangular mirrors – extending a narrow space into infinity.

Custom designed theme letters, are back lit to provide side light to the bedrooms. The “A”, “F” and ” L” letters form the project name: “ALOFT”. Missing “O” and “T” emphasize the possibility of future apartment extension.

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Vodafone Headquarters Porto
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