Jorge Mealha Arquitecto Lda. as Architects

APARTment in AMOReiras

This project concerns the refurbishment of a penthouse APARTment in a place called AMOReiras in Lisbon. It is the answer to a special request from a friend who asked me for a house expressing a contemporary living perspective, that he could rent to Lisbon visitors.

As some of today's contemporary societies, this space proposes an overlapping and contaminated reading of space, functions and choice of use.

Integrated in an apartment block of more than 50 dwellings, this unit of 73 square meters try to create a living space with no center, no hierarchy or perspective induction.

It proposes an non parallel and apparent random relation between several equal solids, trying to create a kind of interior continuum landscape where we can freely walk and enjoy as much as possible the totality of this space. The several solids integrate several functions as a closet, a desk and cabinets, a bathtub and so on in order to support some functional areas.

The artificial lighting is provided trough a set of sketched random lines in optic fibre used to draw a texture in the ceiling. All the surfaces are painted in high shining white, reflecting objects and lighting lines trying in order to sugest a kind of abstract images all trough the space.

A set of vertical bars are used to disguise the frame of the only and huge external window. At the opposite side, the same bars are used to integrate a mirror o reflects the space and once again disturbing hierarchical or sequential perspective.

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