Angouleme Mediatheque

Angouleme Mediatheque

Serero Architects
Ville d’Angoulême, France

Angouleme Mediatheque

Serero Architects as Architects


The project stands on three entities which represent the three « worlds » of the project: IMAGINE, CREATE AND UNDERSTAND. The « worlds » are coiled up in a spiral shape around a central circulation shaped as a propeller, which gives access to the different floors. This staircase is set in a glass cylinder « FROM A WORLD TO THE OTHER », where natural light is flowing from a large oculus on the roof. Thanks to their positions at different levels, every « WORLD » is open to others. This generates a continuous circulation, which allows people to discover all worlds and collections.

REAL AND VITUAL TRANSPARENCIES How will we access information and knowledge in the future? Our project is based on the idea to create platforms, dissociated from their contents. The different layers of interior spaces, like lighting system, ventilation, furniture or facades, are organized on a regular grid, which offer a great clarity of the space. The building is a tri-dimensional matrix, which organizes the transition between the large reception hall, where people meet and discuss and the zones more intimate and quiet, where people need to concentrate on their work.

AN INNOVATIVE STRUCTURE IN WOOD AND CONCRETE The structural system, that we have created, is a mixed system of wood and concrete, which take advantages of performances of both materials. It allows us to open the different « worlds » one onto another. Composed of a structural concrete facade, concrete posts (integrated in wall of the central cylinder) and a wooden shell, the three « worlds » unfold themselves without any intermediate posts. The roof is a network of radiant beams in laminated timber. The ceiling is covered with triangular wooden slats, hanging from the main structure. Zenithal lighting is entering from the rooftop deck slots.

A SPECTACULAR BELVEDERE FOR ANGOULEME The spiral, which constitutes the structure of our project, ends up at the top of the building in a large exterior wood terrace. At the same level that the world « UNDERSTAND », it offers a unique point of view on the city skyline of Angouleme. It is an accessible terrace, which can be use for exceptional events of the mediatheque or the city.

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