Apple Orchard House

Apple Orchard House

Messana O'Rorke
Livingston, United States
Private Houses

Apple Orchard House

Messana O'Rorke as Architects

Site: The site is a five-acre parcel of land, which was originally part of an apple orchard. The site originally contained a tractor repair shed, which had since deteriorated and eventually was removed. The site now is adjacent to apple orchards and a micro phiche facility. The site is bounded by the road which leads from the Taconic Parkway to Livingston on the south side, an apple orchard and farm house to the east and north and an access road to the west adjacent apple orchard. The site slopes form the highest point, which is located at the northeast corner and drops down to the lowest elevation located in the southwest corner. The view is to the south, which looks out over the Hudson valley, the Hudson River and the Catskills in the distance.

Problem: The problem was to site the house on the property in order to capture the incredible views to the south while protecting its vulnerable south-to-south west exposure to the road, which connects the Taconic Parkway to the town Livingston.

Program: The program was to serve the family of four and is as follows: Three car garage, tennis court, lap pool, kitchen, living room, dining room, den, guest bedroom with bath, two bedrooms for the children, one master bedroom, and a small apple orchard

Solution: The solution entailed the following: The entrance to the site is located on the road leading to Livingston from the Taconic Parkway towards the south east corner their by arriving at the top and working your way downward. The view of the house from the east is masked by the wall, which runs north south. You puncture the first level of the house when you past this mask entering the courtyard. The living area or the non-private spaces are exposed as a pavilion with glass on three sides allowing visual connection and through the spaces to the views. The pavilion is bordered to the north by the more private spaces such as bedrooms etc. which are house in a bar building which separates itself from ground level as the ground drops off. The pool isolated to the east of the living pavilion and slides under the bar building. .

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