Kubota Architect Atelier
Iwakuni Yamaguchi, Japan
Kenichi Suzuki


Kubota Architect Atelier as Architects

How can a residence that makes good use of the two characteristics of this site;the hill facing north and the gentle slope within the site,be designed? And how can these attractiveness be felt familiar in everyday lives? What I adopted was the two white frames intersecting perpendicularly.One frame is to make good use of the height.On the top floor creates the openness and the float-ness without anything to obstruct,simultaneously creating comfortableness like being in the shade of a tree.A gate-shaped frame,with a steel frame,with a feel of tension,cutouts the scenery below eyelevel as it is.Another frame,placed at low position,is designed so that it is familiar to tha shallow slope of the site,and the rooms are arranged so that the slope of the site can be felt and that privacy can be secured.The bottom floor is enclosed by exposed concrete walls surrounding all four sides-this is how styles of living are characterized in each layers.The feeling of attraction to the open top floor,by creating opening to expose the sky,is added to the stair connecting these three layers.The building,in total,provokes the experiece of ‘not fully closed’architecture.

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