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federico babina as Artists

The value of the sign

The proposal of this project is a journey into the universe of design through 28 small illustrated stories. Design history through stories of design. A visual narrative where a game of decomposition in frames allow me to scroll through time a static image through small time shifts that dynamize the story. I enjoyed taking iconic objects to build around them environments, stories and atmospheres. Design pieces that sign a style and a time at the same way in which they’re able to stay out of style and time.

The chairs, armchairs and lamps are in these illustrations the notes that make up the melodies of the environments and define the tones and harmonies. I like to think of the objects that inhabit our homes as silent audience but active in our lives. The objects tell themselves and tell stories, not like inanimate things but that soaks the life that surrounds them.

An audience of forms and materials that assists attentive to the the passing of our lives. Quiet protagonists that give us a hug, that light the way, or that mark the passage of time. The functions and use are the same but what changes is the forms and appearances, changes "the feeling of things." The images are photographs of fragments of life around this universe of design that marks, connotes and influence the mood of the spaces in which we live.

The design produces objects in series. A Eames’ rocking chair which I have at home is the same one who lives in Los Angeles or another one in a house in Tokyo? I like to think that is not so. I imagine that the environment that welcomes an object converts it into an unique model part of an singular story. Objects breathe, live, change, get old sometimes die and sometimes survive at owners to keep on and tell new stories.

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Leeuwarden, The Netherlands - Build completed in 2020
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