Auckland Harbour Bridge Pathway

Auckland Harbour Bridge Pathway

Copeland Associates Architects
Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland Harbour Bridge Pathway

Copeland Associates Architects as Architects

In January 2010 Copeland Associates Architects were commisioned by the Auckland Harbour Bridge Pathway Charitable Trust to work on a proposal for a pathway for walking and cycling connected onto the iconic Auckland Harbour Bridge.

This proposal for a shared pathway for cyclists and pedestrians under the cantilevered roadway of the Southbound box girder, has a number of benefits:

•As a combined walking and cycling facility it is significantly less expensive than options that entail two separate pathways.

•Can be built wide enough to provide a high level of safety for its users. Traffic numbers are monitored by electronic management system to ensure that loadings stay within allowable saftey margins, and do no affect the capacity of the bridge for vehicular traffic.

•Is physically separate from the roadway so enables vehicular traffic to be unaffected by pedestrians or cyclists, so also enhancing safety and security for pathway users.

•Does not require narrowing of the existing traffic lanes.

•Is designed aerodynamically to minimize any additional wind resistance to the existing structure. •Is sheltered from both traffic emissions and the weather.

•Provides excellent views of the harbour without blocking motorists’ views from the bridge.

•Can readily ramp down to land level at each end of the bridge.

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