Aviatorilor 8, Bucharest, Romania

Aviatorilor 8, Bucharest, Romania

Bulevardul Aviatorilor, București, Romania - Build completed in 2017

AVIATORILOR 8 - Oromolu Office

DSBA as Architects

Oromolu office is dialogue between old and new, between heritage and new technologies. A reflection on glass of the history who yearns to be contemporary.


General Description

Oromolu House on Bd. Aviatorilor 8th Street, in Bucharest was built for the former Governor of the National Bank Mihai Oromolu in the interwar period by the architect Petre Antonescu. The three-story building in the L planimetric conformation embrace the old renown villa and outlines a public space - an urban porch reserved for Victory Square ( the most important plaza in Bucharest associated with the Romanian government building). The action was carried out on two levels: in the first instance, the rehabilitation of the villa which was in an advanced stage of degradation and then a glass object to stay with reflective modesty behind, being united in the basement.

The Retro Business Curtain develop a dialogue with the historic monument that has been restored within the same architectural approach. Before the project the land was abandoned, full of wild vegetation and disorderly parking and the house faced a strong fire. The villa was framed by a fluid architectural gesture, which through the reflexion of the glass and the interconnection with vegetation succeeds to evoke in the contemporary the Oromolu Villa garden beeing a small oasis in the middle of the historical city.


Construction - Materials and Structure

The innovation factor is defined by the 16m-long canopy and double-ventilated facade with triple-laminated double-curved glass that enhances the quality of the interior space and the flowing green jardiniere controls the heat transfer and gives a graceful expression to the whole architectural approach. The structural system of the basements, ground floor, 1st floor and 2nd floor is a dual system (frames, reinforced concrete walls and reinforced concrete slabs), designed and disposed so that the openings between columns to be maximum thus allowing a more complex and flexible use of space. The top floor structure (3rd floor) is made of metallic beams and purlins, thus ensuring a lower load for the building and the possibility of achieving a thin, spectacular, outstanding canopy (16m) over the urban square between Oromolu House and Oromolu Business Center. The building is BREEAM certified.

When history meets future - striking combination of old and new

Knauf Aquapanel GmbH & Co. KG as Manufacturers

In central Bucharest a historic villa was refurbished and a modern office building constructed directly adjacent. Featuring a flowing form with a projecting roof, the building needed robust yet lightweight exterior ceilings.


“The defining element of Aviatorilor 8 is the architectural design and technical solutions, considered to be avant-garde in style for an office building. This is what we aimed for.”

Lori Collin, Office Executive, NEPI 


The new construction consists of three floors of offices and the ground floor, which is offered to the city for cultural activities. The space between the new façade and the villa is partly covered by a projecting roof that mirrors the swaying curves, creating a protected area underneath it.


“The design elements concluding the building bring a comfort and elegance degree worthy of the future. The distinctive, large and double-curved façade embellishes this project in noblesse, art, grandeur and heights that have not been reached in Romania, when it comes to office buildings.”

Lori Collin, Office Executive, NEPI 


For the construction of all exterior ceilings the architects chose AQUAPANEL® Cement Board SkyLite, because a highly robust and yet lightweight solution was desired. Its complete resistance to water, mould or mildew qualified the material as well as its easy handling, especially important for the over-head working process. With the help of the cement boards, the fascinating form of this office building could be completed – and a new frame for the historic Oromolu Villa was established.

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