Azure Reactor Suspension

Azure Reactor Suspension

Lightlink Lighting LLC
United States
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Private Houses
Charles Schirmer

Azure Reactor Suspension

Lightlink Lighting LLC as Designers

This piece was designed for clients who are principles at Rackspace

so we went with a mysterious, high-tech effect by alternating 1/8" plates of

azure fluorescent acrylic with plates of 3/16" aircraft aluminum to create

a stack effect. The underside houses a square of opaque which allows

for a downlight. The sides emanate a rich blue glow and the top washes

the ceiling via a cylindrical frosted acrylic stack with dichroic film inside

which changes colors as the viewer walks around the piece.

The overall effect seemed to imply a mysterious, alien power reactor source,

hence the name. Suspension via 1/16" fine braided stainless cable.


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