Back Bay Studio

Back Bay Studio

Peter Braithwaite Studio
Terence Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada | View Map
Project Year
Jason Petersson
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct link
waterproofing Firestone RubberGard EPDM roofing membraneFirestone Building Products EMEAFIRESTONE RUBBERGARD™ EPDM
Blum Hinges (Clip top Blumotion)Blum
Provision Windows and DoorsMartin Windows and Door
Contemporary Aluminum Edge Cabinet PullsRichelieu
Baltic Birch Russian PlywoodRobert Bury
Reveal ShieldVaproshield

Product Spec Sheet
waterproofing Firestone RubberGard EPDM roofing membrane
Blum Hinges (Clip top Blumotion)
by Blum
Provision Windows and Doors
Contemporary Aluminum Edge Cabinet Pulls
Baltic Birch Russian Plywood
Reveal Shield

Back Bay Studio

Peter Braithwaite Studio as Architects

Sited within the culturally rich community of Terence Bay, the Back Bay Studio rests atop a rocky outcropping overlooking the bay below. The small fishing community of Terence Bay is located along Nova Scotia’s eastern shore and extends down rolling hillsides into the ocean’s edge.

The elongated form of the studio and the guided linear procession which it creates work together to frame the surrounding rich coastal landscape. The strategic fenestration along the eastern and southern walls capture a panoramic view of the rugged terrain and reduce the studio’s reliance on artificial light throughout the year. The operable windows allow for the studio to benefit from the natural cross ventilation, and naturally cool the interior in the summer. The consistent presence of dramatic views reinforces our firm’s commitment to create architecture that directly engages with the natural landscape.

The expression of the structure within the studio reinforces our goal of integrating design and craftsmanship within our work. The six large LVL rigid frames prompt a rhythm throughout the building that better define the programmatic spatial divisions. The rhythmic structural strategy allows the interior to be adjusted to meet the company’s changing needs as the firm continues to grow. Inspired by local building practices, the exterior cladding is composed of locally sourced wood slats and aluminum siding that can withstand the harsh Atlantic climate.

Back Bay Studio elicits the possibilities that arise from the strong integration between the firm’s design and construction teams. The Studio gives prospective clients the ability to experience first hand a built project that expresses and exemplifies the firm’s commitment to maintaining design excellence and the highest-level of craftsmanship.

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