Bamboo’s Eatery

Bamboo’s Eatery

Minggu Design

Nanjing, China
Project Year

A bamboo-themed restaurant designed by Jaco.Pan

Minggu Design as Architects

Bamboo’s Eatery,having three decks totally,faces the local street exactly with intervention of Dissipation philosophy and plain bamboo made vessels with implication of modest persons. The architect tended to fulfil a kind of establishment ideally.Establishment is proximately civil engineering in folk, which is not subject to serious architecture yet. The emerged experience generated from the built space just placed such dissipation into the re-arranged spatial order.

Linear extension spreads alongside the facade to the doorway in the main entrance, broken into lateral distributary and leads the way to the Tea Break Area of Floor One deliberately. This area was embroidered in homogeneous latitude on the formation of semi-space to restrain the section. Tea seats were set alongside the bamboo fence to develop a continuous two-party space relation, thus composing the core function zone of Floor One - Garden Fence. Meanwhile, the bamboo fence surrounding ‘Garden Fence’ transforms latitudinally and plays the role of guidance to connect the bar, dishes’review and service, linking the core zone precisely and closely, and ultimately leading to the going-up elevator.

Walkway to Floor Two is connected by step staircases cladded with steel plates, attempting to keep calm partially when interacting with warm atmosphere and standing for a narrative to set up a independent sensation ahead of going into another room.

Tea Break area on Floor Two approaches windows strategically and appears harmonious visually. Side to the South was segmented into Tea Seats and Elevator Lobby by applying interweaving bamboo arrays horizontally and perpendicularly. Bamboo arrays extending to the East ends in the Toilet and lifts up the Water Tank. Water floats down the stream through bamboo-made tubes, which is carefully planned to weaken the heaviness of Water Tank.

All rooms of Floor Three were free-running Teahouse in East and West. Walkway centralizes the entire level and makes a turn slightly in South and North. There stands a ‘thatched cottage’ architecture and its eaves hang down and bamboo windows are raised up from the inside out.

In the long and narrow walkway, with the purpose to obtain walking experience of Exploration in Tranquility and introduce natural light effectively into a whole sealing space which is departed from direct daylighting. Bi-layered daylighting interfaces overlaid by bamboo fence upside the shadow walls to release darkness temporarily.

Project team
University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld
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University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld

Auditoriums and Universities
Bielefeld, Germany - Build completed in 2015
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