Barn at Critter Creek

Barn at Critter Creek

Private Houses
Austin, Texas, USA - Build completed in 2015
Dror Baldinger

Barn at Critter Creek

Furman + Keil Architects as Architects

The bones that compose the multi-purpose barn at Critter Creek had a previous life as the owners’ home. After sheltering the homeowners for two decades, the structure was initially slated for demolition to make way for the family’s new home. Instead, the firm and client decided to repurpose and relocate the existing structure, preserving the spirit and memory embedded in this place. 

Exposed timber frame beams and rafters were carefully dismantled and numbered for reassembly. Re-engineered with new galvanized steel connectors, the rebuilt timber frame was extended to complete the entire barn interior.

The new building features spaces for art projects, repairs, vehicle maintenance and storage, along with the occasional party. A mezzanine was added to take advantage of the existing height within the structure and to segregate activities.

Rocks quarried from the site compose the two end gable walls. A cantilevered steel brow protects the five aluminum and glass garage doors. With the addition of two large dormers cross ventilation and natural light filter deep into the space. The reuse of Douglas fir siding from the original interior reinforces the memories of the previous home.

The sensitive reuse of this structure provides the family with a reflection on the past while accommodating their dreams for the future.

Project team
Product Specifications
Bliss Nor-AmSteel doors and windows
Drexel MetalsFlat lock metal siding
McNICHOLS CO.McNICHOLS CO.Wire mesh infill panels
WildeckDelta Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor
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