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Zooey Braun
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
PendantLambert & Fils
Dot Supension
LightingModular Lighting Instruments
CarpetsANKER Gebr. Schoeller GmbH + Co. KG

Product Spec Sheet
Dot Supension, Antipode by Lambert & Fils
Stretch ceiling


SOMAA as Architects

A small, whitewashed blue house marks the restaurant, which is located on the mezzanine foor of a Wilhelminian style house, in a striking and reserved manner. About three steps and a cottage the same colored wooden door, the guest enters an approximately 2sqm vestibule. Its only light source appears behind a round, unusually sized mirror for the small room. A deep green velvet curtain noticeably marks another threshold.


Template for the “setting”, which understands much more than a built mood, as an architectural space, is the imagery of the painter Caspar David Friedrich - the representation of natural phenomena whose reality is existent and yet intangible. As a bar with a culinary ofer, the restaurant wants to be a place to stop - in a fgurative sense. A surreal world in the midst of urban reality. A retreat to yourself.


Blue shades fading into a variety of nuances are superimposed on surfaces, dissolve the space, counteract the perspective and play with the guest’s perception. Brass-colored frames of diferent dimensions seem to make the room pleasant again. Te tables made of highly polished black-green marble take a back seat while the homogenous natural leather, created by the local craftsmanship, creates a striking contrast. Teir arrangement creates a wide range of living qualities: from intimate seating niches and generous seating groups, to an openly designed seating area or a halfheight sit-up table as a non-binding communication venue.


Te special light situation, which is contrasted by simple white candles behind foor-to-ceiling curtains and tealights on the tables, contrasts the otherwise theater-like lighting of the lounge area.


Te bar area stands out with its darker color clearly from the lost in infnity world of colored areas. A carpet that starts at the bottom lets the guest feel the haptic rather than the visual appearance - he invites you into a soft and muted world - continues on the wall and results in an acoustically efective stretch ceiling. Te strongly dimmed light places the focus on the faces of the guests - the warmth and structure of the deep black lacquered wood of the counter remains more noticeable than visible - the guest’s eyes are drawn to the bar, which is clad in real brass and partly mirrored, which creates space appears again in the opposite wall made of diferently tinted, refecting glass surfaces.


Te reduction to a few authentic materials such as leather, brass, wood and the use of haptically and acoustically efective textiles, the coloring of the monochrome, geometrically structured wall surfaces and neutral mirror surfaces creates the desired irritation of the perception of space. Te result is an interior that negates its own dimension and at the same time expands it.

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