Bloom 33 Botanic Bar
Daniel Pavesi Photographer

Bloom 33 Botanic Bar

Davide Beretta Studio as Architects

Bloom 33 botanic bar is located at the ground floor of an existing 19th century building, in the main street of the Italian city of Crema. Formerly home to a clothing shop, the space has been converted using a material palette of timber, oxidized iron, bricks and plaster.

The owners’ idea was to offer a multi-sensory experience, combining the pleasure of conviviality with respect for nature. Attention and respect for nature are embodied by a plastic-free commercial choice and the selection of interior design materials.

The interior design features warm and natural materials such as aged fir wood and oxidized iron, largely used for the bar counter, hanging and wall-mounted bottle racks, tables and benches. On the wall opposite the bar counter, a geometric pattern of oxidized iron profiles supports a system of shelves and wooden tubs from which a variety of flower essences  pervades the space. The wall behind the bar has been stripped of multiplelayers of plaster to highlight the original brickwork.

The colours are warm;the palette goes from yellow tones of the wood to the various shades of brown of the exposed bricks and oxidized iron, up to the milky white of the walls.

The abundant presence of natural light, the warm coloursand the presence of greenery contribute to creating a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. Atmosphere accentuated by the soft light coming from the suspended ceramic lamps hanging over tables, created for this project by the artist Stefano Ogliari Badessi.

At the back the room, a window opens onto a jasmine wall that covers the courtyard of the historic building, creating a sort of natural continuity between inside and outside.

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