Tribu architecture
Lausanne, Switzerland
Project Year
Michel Bonvin

Two apartment buildings

Tribu architecture as Architects

13 apartments in an owner occupied cooperative - common room – a studio apartment -a shared room for visiting friends.

The genesis of these two buildings lies in its conception with its future habitants. From outline design, the future inhabitants actively participated in the conception of the project in expressing their real needs in relation to transport, the type of apartment, the common spaces and in the technical aspects and choice of construction.

The approach taken in relation to transport allowed the reduction by half of the minimum number of parking spaces imposed by the area zoning and additionally to economise on the otherwise costly underground parking. The arrival of numerous members of the Mobility© car sharing service allowed the creation of a new car sharing parking space within 50 metres of the project, on public space, to the benefit of the whole neighbourhood.

The discussions in relation to common areas allowed the realisation, at ground floor level, and in addition to the laundry, a multi-purpose room, a common room for visiting friends, and a studio apartment for a student or a young au pair.

Depending on the use of these spaces, the studio, visiting friend’s room and toilet of the ground floor can be grouped together and transformed into a 2-bedroom apartment.

Since the project does not have an underground level, the inhabitants accepted to limit their storage spaces to the external areas, and to make there a common bike shed and closets in each building.

Opposite the stair hall is located a large bedroom, which can serve as either a studio or a bed and breakfast. A small door “hidden” behind a wardrobe allows for interaction (or compartmentation) from the large neighbouring apartment. Or it could be interpreted as a collective space, a sort of knitting which may well link the two apartments of the floor in a probable future scenario. Who knows, one day two generations of the same family could share the same floor. The large continuous balcony which unites the two living rooms will make perfect sense.

Material Used :

1. Facade cladding - nature white scraped mineral plaster with glitter

2. Facade cladding - solid panels in brushed spruce, finish_SwissSilverProtect gray VD

3. Wooden deck - Planed larch wood blades sanded, old wood gray saturator

4. Paint on interior walls - RAL 9016

5. Impregnation apparent concrete - anti-dust, colorless impregnation

6. Floor covering - exposed screed, white cement, colorless impregnation

7. Wall covering + bathroom floors - white mosaics

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