Branà 1915

Branà 1915

B+P architetti
Altamura, Bari, Puglia, Italy | View Map
Project Year
Pierangelo Laterza
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Interior lightingL&L Luce&Light
Interior lightingLinea Light Group
Interior lightingMACROLUX
Gold arch finishOikos
Optiview anti-reflective glassPilkington
Interior lightingViabizzuno

Product Spec Sheet
Interior lighting
Interior lighting
Interior lighting
Gold arch finish
by Oikos
Optiview anti-reflective glass
Interior lighting

Branà 1915

B+P architetti as Architects

A commercial space that becomes ideal continuation of urban space. To define this new urban interior we started from the suggestion of the "Piazze d'Italia" by Giorgio De Chirico, with the repeated scenes with arches that define and delimit the square. The arched structure becomes a founding element of the intervention; the central monolithic artifacts as vestiges of a lost architecture, define the central space. The side porches accompany customers on an ideal walk in the imaginary square. In the basement a large central pillar becomes the key stone around which the fashion carousel rotates looking the existing windows redesigned as an urban jungle.


Materials used:

  1. Facade cladding: Metal sheets
  2. Flooring: Industrial cement
  3. Doors: custom product
  4. Windows: Pilkington optiview anti-reflective glass
  5. Roofing: Drywall
  6. Interior lighting: Linea Light; Macrolux; Viabizzuno; Luce&Light
  7. Interior furniture: Custom product
  8. Gold arch finish: Oikos                                                              
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