Busan Opera House

Busan Opera House

Cultural Centres
Busan, South Korea

Busan Opera House

Ramón Fernandez-Alonso as Architects

The Busan Opera House will be more than a first-class urban facility. It will belong more to the geographical setting of the city of Busan and surroundings than the specific specific location in the island of Marine Culture

The building is situated on a platform. It distributes the access into three different areas: Opera, Theater and Convention Center. This platform solves the access bridge, within the shopping center is located and platform areas of the theater and opera at the same level of the stages accessible to traffic from the common central bridge.

On this platform the building which contains the halls is installed, with an appreciable horizontal development that projects it into the sea, reminding the existing piers of the commercial ports so characteristic of this coast.

According to it, the proposal is based in two elements well differentiated : Plinth and Building.

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