Business Complex Building ‘T Walletje Knokke-Heist

Business Complex Building ‘T Walletje Knokke-Heist

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Business Complex Building ‘T Walletje Knokke-Heist

B2Ai as Architects

The business complex building is designed as an expansion of an existing business site. A substantial green stripmakes for a buffering for the village centre of Westkapelle.The business complex building is the start for the completion of the third phase of the business site. The premisefor the design was, on the one hand, to create a landmark, but on the other hand, to also create modularity andfl exibility, accessibility and sustainability.

The building is given an exemplary function and will be the symbol and the beating heart of the business site.It will be an example of architectural quality, functionality, fl exibility, adaptability, user-friendliness, accessibility,comfort, spatial and material use – in brief: sustainability.

The business complex building must house an ever-changing mix of businesses. By using a logical columnstructure, fi xed cores for circulation and mechanics, light acoustic walls and a modular façade construction, a planhas been developed that evolves with its users. Business spaces are each given a separate entrance, and if needed,access for trucks.

From a wider perspective, the business site is a link at the Natiënlaan, an important access road to Knokke fromthe hinterland. Along this axis, which ends at the Casino of Knokke, various functions can be found, such as theNMBS train station, golf courses and the new hospital.

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