BV House

BV House

Biselli + Katchborian Arquitetos
São Paulo, Brazil
Project Year
Private Houses
Nelson Kon
Product Spec Sheet

FurnitureEstalagem Moveis
illuminationIvone Szabo
FramesJMAR Esquadrias de Aluminio
timbersMadeireira Pau-Pau

Product Spec Sheet

BV House

Biselli + Katchborian Arquitetos as Architects

The architectural conception for the BV House, located in São Paulo, Brazil, follows a structural approach evident in spans and cantilevers, result of the ribbed concrete slabs. The three-floor house has on its first floor the garage and service areas, a second floor for kitchen and social rooms and a third floor with bedrooms and family room. This is a typical urban house in the city of São Paulo, established on a site with a sharply inclined surface from the street. The main idea expressed in the project is to give an immediate answer to the place, that has its front (biggest measure) turned north towards an extraordinary view of a rare remaining fragment of Mata Atlântica (Rain forest) right in front of the plot. The side wood facade is an important element, as it indicates the main access. It also gives privacy to the residents and protects the building from excessive insulation, and also creates a pleasant social space in the balcony. The metallic details appear on the house as carefully created elements, such as the balconies, handrails and window frames. On the third floor v-opening aluminum shades filters the excessive light and bring movement to the main facade.

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