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Curiosity as Architects

The surroundings are absolutely fantastic so the approach to the house through the forest was the first inspiration. I wanted to go through the house before entering the house itself. So entering through a bridge that crosses the house you reappear still outside with a striking view to nature. The forest appear like a privilege landscape visible from the house, a “borrowed nature”.

The house when approaching appears like a huge abstract shape rising from the ground, with its shaped angle following the steep angle of the land. It seems to be sliding on the ground, a sense of tension and movement is expressed: is it moving? What is stopping it? The strong angle of the house was also guided by the requirement of winter conditions, the heavy load of snow slides from the roof.

So entering the house from the covered bridge you find yourself into a huge single room (6 metres ceiling), salon kitchen dining, like a mini loft in the middle of the forest, it is unexpected and refreshing. For a second you forget you are in the middle of a forest. The light seems to be coming from every where, between the ceiling and the walls, the volumes are enlightened by long invisible windows, it has almost a religious feel creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The changes of the light outside create subtle changes in the interior all day long: natural lighting becomes the artist of a live performance.

The interior layout is designed to enhance communication between the people: when someone is sitting in the sofa, it will communicate with the person cooking, there eyes will be at the same high, the kitchen is sunk into the floor, a few steps from the living allows access to it. From there the stairs hidden behind the counter access the basement to private areas. The night life is placed in the basement, with direct view to the forest from each room. The seamless white bathroom, appears to be a continuity of nature inside the house especially when c-2 is surrounded by snow.

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