Cartographic Re[in]formation

Cartographic Re[in]formation

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Cartographic Re[in]formation

Aphidoidea as Designers

As today’s fast trend of mobility and social interaction escalate, we have culturally grown more connected to one another with the use of the internet. But we have also grown more timid and less sociable in the real world. While this new culture of networks have created amazing worlds and endless possibilities, we find it extremely awkward to have more computer friends than real friends.

The installation concept is to make a visual and more tangible connection that bridges the storefront exhibit with the notion of one’s virtual self or perception of their existence within the realities and boundaries of. Bringing a direct relation with the local region of Long Beach, we recognize the 9 existing districts presented here. Be means of map re-interpretation, each district is re-represented as abstract plates of a 45 degree horizon and extruded based on specificc data and demographic information associated with that related district.

Interact with the horizontal tower tips be placing your hand over the district graphics placed on the storefront window. Scan the qr code for more information.

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Created by: Aphidoidea collaboration assistance by: Art Music & Culture + Protodojo + Signum Lux

Commissioned by: Arts Council for Long Beach & Long Beach Redevelopment Agency

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