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Casa Bosques

Original Vision Ltd as Architects


The driving force behind the concept of this renovation project was to enhance the feeling of space and re-orientate the outlook to capitalise on the forest that was on its door step.

By closing down openings that were overlooked by neighbours and opening up walls that faced the forest, the outlook has been transformed and privacy has been ensured. Further, by opening up the perimeter wall to embrace the greenery, a tangible connection with nature has been created and the virtual size of the garden multiplied.

Internally, restraint in the layout has helped magnify a feeling of openness whilst light, filtered through the leaves of the trees and internal gardens, floods in through ideally located windows and doors.

Added to this, the stair has been carefully designed as a sculptural element in itself. It is open and light in structure, punctuating and crowning the fantastic sense of space.

Use of Space

The wonderful sense of space is further enhanced by the careful use of it. On the ground floor the main internal volume relates and interacts directly with the various outdoor elements. Sliding glass doors, retractable awnings, folding fence walls and an abundance of foliage all work together to create a rich and changeable family of spaces and functions that blur the line between the indoors and the garden.

Similar concepts are used on the upper floors where wide glass doors can open bringing the forest into the bedrooms and family room.

On the roof, a very special space permits shaded relaxation in absolute privacy in the canopy of the trees that make this home so special.

Use of colour, materials/ list of major materials

As with the layout, restraint has been exercised in the palette of materials. On the floors there are only three. Natural black slate, reconstituted timber decking and light beige, large format homogeneous ceramic tiles. The strategic use of these materials help to blur the line between inside and out and the limited selection assists in increasing the apparent size of the house.

On the walls, there is continuity with the same decking and homogeneous tiles supplemented by painted render and the extensive use of landscaping.

Natural timber as a finish is used sparingly but effectively to add a soft and natural accent. A very light oak veneer has been used on the treads of the stair, the internal doors and the cabinet interiors.

Double glazed, powder coated aluminium sliding doors have been selected for the opportunity of having very large but easily manageable sections along with being maintenance friendly.

- 150x150mm naturally riven dark slate. - 600x600mm light beige homogeneous ceramic tiles. - Recycled, reconstituted timber decking. - Light oak timber veneer. - Stainless steel. - Glass. - Corian. - Ivory coloured glass mosaic tiles. - Powder coated aluminium. - Ferrari polyester fabric canopies and awnings. - Painted render. - Spray painted MDF. Lighting Scheme

The lighting throughout has been sensitively designed to accentuate the diversity and adaptability of the space that it illuminates. Centrally controlled, the individually addressable system allows unlimited scope in setting scenes and creating moods. This scheme is all the more remarkable by the fact that every fitting uses low energy fluorescent or LED sources.

Environmental Sensitivity

- Low energy lights used throughout. - Solar hot water system. - Double glazed windows and doors. - Heavily insulated roof. - Fabric shading devices used extensively to reduce solar gain. - Construction materials manufactured locally. - Dual and low volume flush systems in WCs. - Recycled, reconstituted timber decking.

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