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House Gallo is also located in the neighborhood of La Ermita, and it is a house that is completely modified and that its latest remodeling is not reflected in the natural beauty of the old house, it is decided to demolish much of the construction to give space in green areas, the operation and finishes are modified. Atelier16 carries out the remodeling, restoration and interior design.

House Gallo is a combination of the contemporary style of a loft inside the traditional housings of the historical center of the city of Merida, Yucatan; contemporary and industrial aspects that help to combine the classic part of the building with the most contemporary parts created the only design. It was designed for a young couple, consisting of a Graphic Designer and an Advertiser who wanted a house that combined art with a unique experience when entering. This project from the beginning presented a series of challenges, since the regulation that one finds in the zone is rigid for the buildings of historical and colonial character, in turn, this house is placed in one of the sections of the former royal road to Campeche (Route that was planned to join both principal populations of the General Capital of Yucatan, Merida and Campeche's San Francisco). And near the Hermitage of Holy Isabel (Known as the Hermitage of Our Lady of the Good Trip for its location on the side of the Royal Way). For what institutions such as INAH intervene in there control.

As mentioned above, this project started with a house that had grown in a disorderly manner on a very narrow ground so the house did not have an adequate distribution. In the project it was decided to maintain the first three areas, the first space belonging to the original colonial house and the two spaces of modern temporality that were annexed, as well as one of the bedrooms and its bathroom in the back, these spaces being an contemporary addition to the previously existing house. The property has 4.70m of facade, 26.5m of depth and 3.90m in the rear facade which is irregular, with a total of 120.55m2 of surface and a total of 113.19m2 of existing construction, so it did not comply with the regulations Suitable for the established green area. In order to obtain the required spaces, the decision was made to demolish a total of 30.68m2 that made up the spaces of the corridor, the stairwell and a small bathroom, which constitutes 25.45% of the existing construction in this property to recondition the spaces of the project.

The existing property had more than 90% of built area with respect to the total surface, with small openings that did not favor the ventilation; the decision was made to dismantle the existing kitchen and move the location of this space to create two zones connected by the interaction of the people through their use, In the same way, the narrow corridor that existed was demolished, which ran throughout the house until it reached the back where the bedroom and the concrete stairwell that reached the roof were located; It´s worth mentioning that this area had a triple height and had no restrictions inside. These changes allowed the project to provide a large common outdoor area, each space that was kept was used to recondition and accommodate the new activities that will be carried out on them, at the same time existing perforations was reused such as septic tanks so that it became more efficient.

The entire project was carried out in a single plant which consists of the following areas: Living Room. Kitchen / dining room Bedroom / study Bathroom Master bedroom Central terrace / private terrace All these areas are distributed in an plant. With the new arrangement of the proposed spaces the project acquired a character mask tidily, with the addition and social of the public areas, and of a private nature, of equal way I believe a center that might be defined as the heart of the project which is a terrace outdoors in the central part that allows to have a space opened of easing inside the city

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