Casa Soro: Urban Patio House

Casa Soro: Urban Patio House

Jaime Sepulcre Arquitecturas
Elche, Alicante, Spain
Project Year
Private Houses
David Frutos

Casa Soro: Urban Patio House

Jaime Sepulcre Arquitecturas as Architects

Casa Soro is a 'single-family urban dwelling´ for a young couple on a plot of 65 m2 in the Old Town of Elche. There was the opportunity to recreate certain aspects of single-family homes in the center of the city, such as their relationship with the exterior and their spatial diversity. We had the illusion of making a house that made us forget the city around us and, at the same time, allowed us to enjoy a rich spatiality. The house tenses both horizontally - on each floor - and vertically - in the courtyard - and opens to three exterior spaces at different levels that we have called the 'extares' of the house.


The patio, which increases in size as we ascend, articulates the house vertically and becomes the most vital and most present space. It is, therefore, an introverted house, which turns to its own inner world -to its own privacy-, offering a much more closed exterior, with vertical gaps that try to connect with the compositional tradition of the old houses of area. On the top floor is the 'large living room' 5 meters high that opens to a patio that has widened to become a patio-terrace.

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