Cisura House

Cisura House

Cucurell Manuel
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Cisura House

Cucurell Manuel as Architects

This project is located in an area of the agricultural Pampas that is undergoing a transformation process as a result of the economical growth in Argentina during recent years and the illusion of leaving the chaos of the city behind. There, a new urban development seems to replicate a predominant scheme of soil use and productivity: an imperative of calculations rationality and maximum benefits in terms of land yield.


These are developments that have displaced crops, giving rise to neighbourhoods without any public spaces. There are no pavements with trees and shadows, only inner roads and minimum services. Paradoxically, these moor areas in the Argentine plains seem to recreate a colonisation of The Pampas. More than a century ago, by means of the railways and with stations every twelve miles, the immensity of the plains were inhabited. In these colonies, the new settlers had to face the emptiness of immensity, the fear of darkness, and the distance at night. This scene is repeated today, but very soon these areas will end up being consolidated, setting up a new eventuality: resident’s privacy will be invaded by the inability to build party walls and by the density with which these neighbourhoods are being created.


How can we conceive a spatial structure that, apart from providing accommodation for the required activities, is able to respond to the eventualities of a scenario and of people in transition? A structure that can cope with the needs for protection and shelter in the beginning, transmuting into privacy over time.


“In response to these concerns, introspection is the argument that guides and sets forth the research criteria.” Cisura, both as concept and action, is a gesture that conveys an expressive character to the project, materialising light and determining different spatialities, where “inside” and “outside” are expressed as ambiguous and indistinct concepts.


Introspective and anonymous atmospheric experiences are possible by creating small courtyards within the interior spatiality, which also gives way to the possibility of experiencing showering under summer rain. The house is therefore conceived as an open system, an ordered set of elements and related factors interacting with each other. Each of the parts has a specific function which, when integrated and depending on each other, keeps the whole set operating.


The coherence of the project as a whole arises from a symbiosis between the system’s own factors, from those of the transitional environment, and from the complex set of emotions, that is characteristic of all human creations.

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