Cloud Odeum

Cloud Odeum

Aether Architects
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Zelin Huang

Cloud Odeum

Aether Architects as Architects

What was the brief?
Cloud Odeum is a pavilion design for “ Shenzhen & HongKong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture 2015 ”. the theme of the event was "Reliving the city".


What were the key challenges?
In the context of the exhibition theme, we try to rethink the possibilities of urban space. Can urban space also be a concept of natural environment? If building the artificial environments is to create the place as nature, then whether the artificial environment should attempt to exceed artificial substance, to appear as natural phenomenon and alternate status? Based on the above thinkingwe try to consider about the theme of "Reliving the city" (Theme of the exhibition) from the perspective of city re-imagination, propose the concept of “ Odeum ” (composition of daily/scenery fragments), an urban odeum which represent the environmental permeation (behavior, climate, landscape, etc.) following the variation of time.


What materials did you choose and why? 
In this project, we tried to use minimal materials and details to weaken the materiality of the building, and ultimately the architecture presents a spatial landscape. The establishment of the building is based on the mutual equivalence and balance of various factors (structural mechanics = shape ratio = space width = perspective relationship = wind strength = can be equally divided into standard material sizes).None of the factors are additional or independent, the generation logic of the building is also a relationship similar to environmental coordination.


Material Used :
Facade cladding: Aluminum Sheet

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