COOP pe Strada's Facade

COOP pe Strada's Facade

COOP pe Strada

COOP pe Strada's Facade

COOP pe Strada as Architects

Using the possibilities of the unique AluDesign technology offered by Euromax our concept was to create a “harmonic” but powerful commercial façade, without using any words or advertising texts.

Our main purpose was to suggest the freedom of choosing between possibilities and to encourage people to look for a new, more colorful and unique technique of making their house façades more personalized, creating a new dimension of building environment.

All used elements are inspired of Netherlands’ culture and environment. We wanted to highlight the origin of Euromax, that environment, where this unique technology was born. Starting from the particular feature of the façade – a long window which divides powerfully the façade platform – we tried to connect the two parts by creating a short back story.

The upper side of the façade represents the natural Dutch landscape, and the lower part an ordinary urban view of a couple of houses. In our opinion the natural landscape can be transposed on the building façade, not as a new element, but as a new interpretation of nature, so the built environment can create the “new nature”. The long window represents the transformation area, where the elements are falling apart to find a new reconfiguration in the lower area. The elements are scaled to be used as self-promotion for Euromax. The façade is suitable to taking photos with people and to complete the ambience with the last element. The lower part of the facades represents the ultimate version of a colorful and joyful context, not imitating the nature but using its varied color scheme and creating a natural and friendly urban landscape.

Drawing a parallel between the lower part and the upper one of the façade we point out one of the most special features of AluDesign. The printed picture can refer to the whole composition of the façade where the different highlighted elements are part of the whole scene; or the different aluko elements can get a unique meaning in the printing process.

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