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Corporate Offices in Maroussi

Corporate Offices in Maroussi

lowfat architecture + interiors
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Project Year
Panagiotis Voumvakis
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Vinyl Flooring – iD Square Collection,iD Inspiration LOOSE-LAYCollectionTarkett
ManufacturersBright Special Lightning
SuppliersL DG Thomas
Kitchen AppliancesMiele & Cie. KG
ContractFurniture – P29A CollectionQuinti
Contract Furniture– Quarterback CollectionSedus

Product Spec Sheet
Vinyl Flooring – iD Square Collection,iD Inspiration LOOSE-LAYCollection
by Tarkett
Kitchen Appliances
ContractFurniture – P29A Collection
by Quinti
Contract Furniture– Quarterback Collection
by Sedus

Corporate Offices in Maroussi

lowfat architecture + interiors as Architects

The project consists of the interior design for the headquarters of a private company in Marousi. The office space spans in three levels of 2500s.m. total area and is situated in a contemporary office building.


The project aims at creating a comfortable, functional and bright working environment with an emphasis on spaces for creative meeting and co-working.


The working areas are designed as an open plan and are oriented towards the main atrium to take advantage of the sunlight while the circulation areas are situated on the darker zone of the building. In the upper two levels where the plan is linear, the layout of desks is linearlikewise, with intervals of enclosed and open spaces for meeting and co-working.


The intervention on the building shell and infrastructure was decided to be minimal. Air ducts and wiring have remained visible and suspended ceilings were used only were they were absolutely necessary. For the open space work areas, desks and lighting systems, a palette of light colors and natural materials was chosen.  The desks have simple metal frames and wooden surfaces and can be organized in bundles of two, four, or more working positions, giving the necessary flexibility to the working space. A large pin-up wall throughout the length of the office in the two upper levels creates a common space of cooperation and discussion.


The light design is differentiated between the workspace and more informal areas such as meeting rooms and break-out spaces. A homogenous light field was achieved with linear pendant lights above the workspace, while a warmer tone and atmosphere is created with spotlights and decorative lighting in other areas.


The unified open plan workspace is intermingled with enclosed meeting spaces with a variety of different themes. Each such space has a unique texture and material profile and a resourceful scenographic disposition: A wooden frame scaffolding box as office, a caravan as an informal meeting room, a green space with hammock chairs as a place for discussion. The experience of the space is thus differentiated through the addition of spaces that operate in-between leisure and cooperation.


Material Used:

1. Tarkett – Vinyl Flooring – iD Square Collection

2. Tarkett– Vinyl Flooring – iD Inspiration LOOSE-LAYCollection

3. MIELE – Kitchen Appliances

4. BRIGHT – Lighting

5. SEDUS – Contract Furniture– Quarterback Collection

6. Quinti – Contract Furniture – P29A Collection

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