Courtyard by Marriott Tokyo Ginza Hotel "Fiore"

Courtyard by Marriott Tokyo Ginza Hotel "Fiore"

Nikken Space Design LTD
6-14-10, Ginza, Chuo-ku, 1040061 Tokyo, Japan
Project Year
Yoshiteru BABA

Courtyard by Marriott Tokyo Ginza Hotel "Fiore" New York Grill and Buffet

Nikken Space Design LTD as Architects

This project was the interior design plan for the NY Grill Restaurant in the Courtyard Marriott Ginza Hotel of the global Marriot hotel chain located in Ginza, the symbolic commercial district of Tokyo and Japan.

For this hotel located in Ginza in the international tourist city of Tokyo, we felt a strong sense of responsibility to make it not simply another commercial facility in pursuit of profits, but to instead position it as a messenger carrying the identity of the international city of Tokyo to the world.

With a total floor area of 370m 2 , a guest seating area of 280m 2 , and seating for 90 guests, a special and unique restaurant design which would satisfy the worldly sophisticated adults who are based in Ginza was requested. The stylish forms, minimal color scheme, and fantastic lighting design connect person and person, guest and kitchen, and restaurant and city with appropriate feelings of distance, creating a unique time that can only be experienced here.

Design challenge

Theme: Flaming

We conceived the idea of eliminating all color and precisely laying out countless large and small flames to divide up the scene inside the restaurant, and projecting a "painting" onto those flames to express the moving material of the interior. In this monotone world comprised of only black and white, the flaming scene equals the excitement of the people, with the dynamism of the kitchen, the vividness of the food, and glimpses of the outside adding color like countless pieces of art, giving birth to a restaurant that is constantly changing while at the same time imparting a sense of depth and continuity.

Project team
Building Material - Veneer
Product Specifications
PanasonicPanasonicLighting - Interior LED lighting
FujimakAppliances - Filtration
GLLighting - Big Ceiling, Furnishings - Counter
TOLITOLIBuilding Material - Veneer, Tile Carpet
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