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Cyber House

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Architectural bureau MODERN HOUSE with its chief architect Alex Wizhevsky from Russia developed a home for those who want to survive a zombie apocalypse.

   The presentation of the new “Tesla”, presented by Elon Musk in November 22, 2019, caused logical bewilderment for many. The chief architect of the architectural bureau MODERN HOUSE Alex Wizhevsky proposed his own version of the development of events in which the technical and visual solutions of Cybertrack no longer look so far-fetched.

 ...On one of the secret biological laboratories has occurred a virus leak, that turns people into zombies. It would seem that popular culture has warned about the possibility of such a scenario for decades, but humanity was not ready. The unintelligent but purposeful living dead operate in large groups, ravaging city by city.

What unites all the survivors?

Undoubtedly, all of them have a good physical shape, stress resistance, excellent response, but from the attentive eye will not hide this detail: their housing is strongly protected, and the car is reliable and aggressive...


   In front of you Cyberhouse Conceptual architectural project of chief architect Alex Wizhevsky that interprets the ideas of Elon Musk. Cyberhouse is a kind of Autonomous multi-level bunker. The project provides its exploitation in extreme conditions: starting with the zombie Apocalypse, ending with the nuclear threat.


  Alex Wizhevsky’s project turned out to be quite beautiful, comfortable and completely Autonomous.

  The CyberHouse consists of several zones.

  1st area: the area of the bunker/bomb shelter

  2nd zone: household

  3rd zone: technical

  4th zone: residential

  5th zone: the terrace area, which is transformed into an open and closed terrace

Autonomy is supported by systems such as:

1. Solar panels, wind turbines

2. Water treatment and purification system

3. Purification and air conditioning system

4. Local wastewater treatment plant system

5. Heat pump

 Technical feature.

The CyberHouse is designed on the principle of multiple protection circuits. The principle of atomic submarines is taken as a basis.

The inner contour is the Core of the CyberHouse – a bunker, made of monolithic reinforced concrete.

The inner contour is the most protected part of the CyberHouse. It has the maximal 4th defense level.

The next circuit is a ground residential part made of monolithic reinforced concrete. Equipped with armored airlock doors. It has the 3rd defense level.

The outer contour consists of a strong power metal frame, sheathed with sheets of heavy-duty metal alloy. It has the 2nd defense level.

The window openings are protected by armored glazing and high-strength metal shutters.

Doors: armored airlock doors are provided.

Gates: sealed gates of the telescopic mechanism.


The outdoor terrace is equipped with protective metal roll-shutters, which, if necessary, cover the entire perimeter of the terrace. Has a basic level of protection.



This CyberHouse is designed for use in conditions of natural disasters, such as:

- Hurricane wind

- Tornado

- Earthquakes

- Eruption

- Low temperature

Technogenic accident:

- Chemical emissions

- Radioactive contamination of the territory

An important passive protective element of the building is its architecture. Designed walls with a negative angle around the perimeter of the building are able to minimize not only mechanical and electrical effects, but also reliably protect in the event of a zombie Apocalypse. Even the most nimble and smart zombie is unlikely to be able to climb the negative slope of the walls. Also, another protective function of the building is its unique internal layout. It is designed in such a way that if the enemy did get inside the room, you can easily stop his further penetration with the airlock door.


Comfortable stay

1. The security of the perimeter of the CyberHouse allows you to constantly feel as safe as possible

2. Comfortable insolation is achieved due to the Central part of the atrium and the glazing of the perimeter of the building.

3. In Sunny weather, you can sunbathe on the outdoor terrace, and in cool weather, you can sit comfortably by the fireplace.

4. If desired, the project can provide a mini-pool, which can be located in the Central part of the atrium.

5. Also for your comfortable stay in the project provides a cargo Elevator to the underground garage, using which you can safely hide your car in the event of any adverse conditions (flooding, hurricanes), or just from the envious eyes of neighbors.


The CyberHouse is designed for comfortable living of 6-7 people in extreme conditions.

The project area is 300 sq m. / 984 sq ft.

Dimensions of the CyberHouse 25x30 m. / 82x98 ft.

Alex Wizhevsky came up with the CyberHouse for those whose plans are not to become food for zombies.

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